Fresh to the destination

Conditions matter during transport. We help you bring the products fresh to your customer.

Road transport and Ocean freight

It can take several days or even several weeks to transport fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers from production areas to points of sale by land and sea. High ethylene content in closed storage facilities can lead to large losses.


Our air purification equipment keeps the ethylene content low. Our air quality sensors constantly measure air quality, enabling cargo to arrive at the customer fresh and flawless.

World doesn’t afford to waste

Let’s not let the food to spoil. We help you bring the products fresh and undamaged to your customer.

Clients’ experiences

Our cooperation with MundusAer has been good. Food waste from our transports has decreased and we are very pleased with this.

— Pekka Jylhä, O. Jylhä Ltd

Our solution

1. Measurement

Our solution regularly measures the amount of harmful molds, VOCs, radon and pollution-accelerating ethylene from indoor air. In addition, we regularly monitor indoor air temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity.

2. Analysis

Our experts in indoor air quality development analyze the data collected with the air quality sensor in the Loggs reporting view.

3. Report

With the help of measurement and analysis, we can tell what the air quality is and what needs to be improved.

4. Solution

Our solution corrects the identified deficiencies in indoor air quality. The solution improves indoor air quality.

5. Equipment

Air purifiers improve the quality of the indoor air and remove harmful compounds.

6. Monitoring

The air quality sensor monitors the air quality 24/7. The selected alarm limits are set for the air quality, in which case you will receive an alarm if the limit value is exceeded. The solution also works on mobile devices and it is possible to order the alarm directly to your phone.

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